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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are on social media every day. Expand your online presence and engage your customers where they are.

Aside from higher website rankings, social media helps your audience stay informed on new promotions, company news, and upcoming events making it easier to get relevant information regarding your business to your customers. Regularly managing these sites is important to address user questions and comments, and provide regular promotional material.

Get Social & Engage

Engage your customers where they go online.

Some companies don’t think they need to have a presence on social media. They themselves and everyone they know may be on Facebook but they think “It won’t work for my business”.

With 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, it’s hard to convince us your customers aren’t on social media.

Social media has a huge audience. You just need to put the old school advertising mindset aside and speak the language of the channel you’re on. We’re here to help.

Help Me Engage My Customers
Social Media Engagement

Promote Your Content

Social media amplifies your content beyond your website.

If you’re blogging, selling products, reporting news or promoting events on your website, then you should be pushing that content to social media as well.

A well made piece of content could get hundreds or thousands of views on social media. If you’ve already put time into creating website content, use social to get it to the widest possible audience.

We’ll do the social media promotion for you.

Help Me Promote My Content
Social Media

Social Media PPC

Paid social ads and sponsored content.

Social media advertising can help your business grow by finding new customers and helping you keep in front of existing ones.

Paid search ads and sponsored content can be very affordable. The price for a sponsored post on Facebook might cost you a tenth of what a paid on Google would cost.

We can help you use the exceptional demographic targeting tools on social media to target the precise customers you’re looking for by interest, income, location and more.

Help Me With Paid Search
Facebook Social Media

Social Media Services

Managing social for you as part of your online marketing.
  • Account Setup
  • Updating and Management
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Responding to Activity
  • Event Promotion
  • Content Writing
  • Image Creation
  • Sponsored Content
  • Social Media PPC
  • … and more
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