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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We don’t make unrealistic guaranteed ranking promises. We just do the hard SEO work for you week after week. Search engine optimization’s main goal is to acquire traffic through the search engines for keywords that drive your business.

If someone is searching for a service you offer, SEO’s main goal is to make your company show up in the search engine results. There are a few different ways that you can be found online from a search: your website pages, directories, and paid ads. Since paid ads are not considered SEO, you can learn more about them here, but they help cover the search landscape and should definitely be considered as an additional means to gain search engine traffic.

SEO Fundamentals

Meeting Google's best practice guidelines for SEO

The SEO fundamentals are the tried and true methods of optimizing your website for search. You need to have the basics in place first before you can start building upon them.

We will audit your website and it’s current state of SEO to find your strengths and weaknesses before creating a plan for moving forward.

Because it’s so common, we’re no longer surprised when see websites that don’t even have their basics covered. If your SEO fundamentals need work, then that’s the first place we’ll start.

Fix My SEO Fundamentals
Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO

Making sure it all works

Once we’ve audited your website for the fundamentals, we can move on to the technical SEO tactics which need to be fixed.

There are a lot of moving parts in the background of your website that has the potential to affect the rankings of your website.

From site code, to plugins, to image and file sizes, to url structure and site architecture, we will audit, review and optimize it all to support your search rankings.

Make My SEO Technically Sound
SEO Reporting

SEO Content

Content is King

Your website content is one of the most important factors contributing to your search rankings. Search engines will be reviewing and indexing your content, and ranking your website in relation to how your content compares to your competitors.

Is your content as good as it can be? Is it up to date? Are you updating or improving your content systematically? Are you basing your content on data?

We’ll help make sure your content supports your search rankings, and that new content is developed based on data and with goals in mind.

Improve My SEO Content
SEO Content

Making it all work together

Combining all the factors and executing a plan.

We address all the factors that support good search engine rankings.

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Content Strategy
  • Link-Building
  • Site Speed
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Click through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • …. and more
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SEO Strategy

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