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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is paid inclusion into the search engines. These ads appear in the top and right of the search engine results page and are based on a bidding and quality score system. Top position goes to the highest bidder with the most relevant content. For non-paid inclusion in the search engines learn more about our SEO services.

We will create, manage and optimize your ads for you, so you reach your consumer at the right time with the right ad, within your budget.

Get Highly Targeted Advertising

Reach your customers the moment they're searching for you.

Pay Per Click advertising on platforms such as AdWords gives you incredible flexibility to target exactly the customers you need.

Paying only when someone clicks your ad and visits your website, PPC allows you to target specific phrases, demographics, days of the week, hours of the day, geographic locations, and many other targeting options.

You can also start running your ads and pushing them to the top of Google results almost immediately.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Management Services

We manage and optimize your Pay Per Click campaigns for you.

Managing PPC is not easy. You can set up and manage it yourself but we would not recommend you do so.

PPC takes experience, skill, strategy, a knowledge of the advertising platform, understanding of rules, creativity and marketing sense that ties it back to your online strategy.

Our PPC managers have the experience and the certifications to help you get the most out of your paid search ads and to keep you from wasting your ad budget.

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Reporting & Optimization

Improving your PPC Performance.

When you use PPC advertising, you get highly granular control of who and when see your ads.

We don’t just “set it and forget it” with your ads. Your PPC manager will constantly be reviewing the data and making ongoing improvements to your ads and targeting.

You get monthly reports that summarize your data, how you PPC ads performed, how many leads they delivered and what work was done.

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PPC Campaign

Combining PPC With SEO & Social Media

Combine tactics to expand your audience.

You can use PPC, SEO and SMM together to expand your reach online and maximize the number or people that see your business.

Each of these online marketing tactics can inform one another and be used at the same time. You can reach your customers whether they are using a search engine, visiting a blog or on social media.

We can manage each one of these marketing channels for you, making sure they are all working together to send your website and business a steady stream of new customers.

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