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A High Schooler Reviews Snapchat Spectacles Glasses

Our art director picked up a new pair of Snapchat Spectacles while in New York City recently. He decided to loan them to a local high school student and regular Snapchat user for a week to let him try them out.

Here is what this millennial thought about using the Snapchat Spectacles.

On what it was like having them for a week:

“I thought they were really unique and different than anything I’ve used before. They had a different experience in a way you could record your every day life. Convenient and easy to use.”

What did other people thought of the Snapchat glasses:

“So many people commented on my first story. Way more than usual. They asked ‘Where can I buy them?’ and ‘Where did you get them?’ ‘Can I buy them from you.’ In less than a minute people were asking about them. A lot of people were interested in them. All my friends were amazed that I had them. They thought they were so cool.”

What was it like using them?

“Super easy to use and convenient.  Goes straight to Snapchat. Really good quality video. People kept trying to buy them off of me.”

How did it change your Snapchat experience?

“I was able to do a lot more and record a lot more. I did a video of me recording playing the drums which I could never do without them. Would use it a lot more if I had them. Design is a little goofy so not really great for wearing in public.”

Final thoughts on Snapchat Spectacles

“Overall they were great. The quality of the camera was surprisingly good. The product is very efficient. The battery lasted a long time. I would make them look plain black and square. Simpler looking. Right now they are very recognizable as Snapchat glasses.”

Where can you get Snapchat Spectacles?

“Right now they are very really rare and had to find. There is a machine that releases them which you can find out about online. Visit the page and it will tell you. You can buy them on Ebay or Amazon but they’re not cheap.”


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