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How Google Reaches New Customers

Google Direct Mail Offer

How Google Reaches New Customers

Have you ever wondered how Google generates new customers?

It’s not obvious to most people, but Google uses traditional direct mail.

Direct mail is an easy and affordable way to generate sales. It’s so effective, that even Google, the world’s largest internet company, uses direct mail to promote their online advertising.

Why would Google, who can advertise for free on the world’s most popular search engine, bother with old fashioned direct mail?

Because it works!

EDDM - Every Door Direct MailEven with access to their own online advertising network, Google knows that direct mail is the most cost effective way to generate new customers.

Google is obsessive about data. Their whole search engine and advertising network are run by algorithms that make decisions on what to show and when, based on user data.

Their data shows what many other studies have: that in a world saturated with advertising, physical direct mail advertising still works.

Studies have shown that direct mail advertising grabs people’s attention faster, holds it longer, and elicits a greater emotional reaction.

People who receive direct mail advertising are even more likely to recall the brand name than those who saw the same ad online. It plays a more direct role in spending decisions.

Google may not want to admit that direct mail advertising can be as effective, if not more so than online advertising, but the proof can be seen in where they spend their advertising dollars.

Bulk Mail ServicesIf you are looking for a way to reach new customers for less, you should be using direct mail too.

With AADS Marketing and Printing, we can help you easily and affordably reach the customers that matter most by direct mail.

AADS will handle everything for you. We can even supply you with a trackable phone number for your ads so that you can see how much business is generated from your direct mailing.

With direct mailing from AADS, you can get new customers without a big budget.

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