Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization’s main goal is to acquire traffic through the search engines for keywords that drive your business. If someone is searching for a service you offer, SEO’s main goal is to make your company show up in the search engine results. There are a few different ways that you can be found online from a search: your website pages, directories, and paid ads. Since paid ads are not considered SEO, you can learn more about them here, but they help cover the search landscape and should definitely be considered as an additional means to gain search engine traffic.

Search Engine Optimization - Organic Search Locations

Website Pages

Your website content is ultimately what drives people to your website through the search engines and it is the foundation for all of SEO. Well-written content is extremely important, however, if it is not properly optimized it can be next to worthless for search. It is extremely important that these 2 concepts work hand in hand (quality content and content optimization) in order for you to have a ranking website on the search engines. This concept hold true for services and locations.

Optimized Directories

Directories are a great way to gain additional exposure and should not be neglected. Directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and Angie’s list also provide reviews which definitely affect the decision making process of a would-be customer.

Sounds Easy…

Unfortunately, SEO is not as easy as just creating webpages and directories, there is a lot required behind the scenes to put you on top. Here are a few (more technical) techniques that help make your website rise above the rest:

  • Website configuration: Making sure its accessible, reachable, and functioning at its peak performance.
  • Keyword research: Researching the most searchable keywords related to your business services.
  • Website optimization: Technical configuration of your website to incorporate keyword and micro data into the places that search engines use to rank websites.
  • Targeted content creation: Content is a very important to be found online. We create and optimize targeted content for products, services, and locations you serve.
  • Website Promotion: Your website will not rank, if it is not authoritative. To make it authoritative, it needs links – but not just any links. We promote your website in authoritative (Google, Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc), vertical (those related to your niche), and local (Chamber of Commerce, etc) directories and websites.