Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to remarket and connect with your clients and subscribers, whether you want to notify them of an upcoming promotion, special event, new post, or important company news. At AADS Marketing & Printing, we can create custom email templates for you and work with you to disburse important information relating to your business.

Email Marketing Process

Our email marketing process includes:

  • Template Creation: Custom email template creation (1 custom template included), professionally designed to fit your company style.
  • Email Creation: Ready to send a message? We work with you to create your message.
  • Testing: All emails will be sent for testing and final approval prior to any disbursement.
  • Measuring & Reporting: Detailed email stats are included with every email disbursement, including: open rate, click through rate, and social sharing.
  • Adjustment: Based on our measurement and reporting information, we constantly make adjustments to improve these metrics.