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A High Schooler Reviews Snapchat Spectacles Glasses

Our art director picked up a new pair of Snapchat Spectacles while in New York City recently. He decided to loan them to a local high school student and regular Snapchat user for a week to let him try them out.

Here is what this millennial thought about using the Snapchat Spectacles.

On what it was like having them for a week:

“I thought they were really unique and different than anything I’ve used before. They had a different experience in a way you could record your every day life. Convenient and easy to use.”

What did other people thought of the Snapchat glasses:

“So many people commented on my first story. Way more than usual. They asked ‘Where can I buy them?’ and ‘Where did you get them?’ ‘Can I buy them from you.’ In less than a minute people were asking about them. A lot of people were interested in them. All my friends were amazed that I had them. They thought they were so cool.”

What was it like using them?

“Super easy to use and convenient.  Goes straight to Snapchat. Really good quality video. People kept trying to buy them off of me.”

How did it change your Snapchat experience?

“I was able to do a lot more and record a lot more. I did a video of me recording playing the drums which I could never do without them. Would use it a lot more if I had them. Design is a little goofy so not really great for wearing in public.”

Final thoughts on Snapchat Spectacles

“Overall they were great. The quality of the camera was surprisingly good. The product is very efficient. The battery lasted a long time. I would make them look plain black and square. Simpler looking. Right now they are very recognizable as Snapchat glasses.”

Where can you get Snapchat Spectacles?

“Right now they are very really rare and had to find. There is a machine that releases them which you can find out about online. Visit the page and it will tell you. You can buy them on Ebay or Amazon but they’re not cheap.”

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7 Facebook Business Posting Tips

facebook business page tips

We hope these facebook business page posting tips will help your business page get more engagement, customers and business.

If you have a business, chances are you probably have a Facebook business page. It’s easier to manage on your own than a website and it’s easy to keep updated. Just because it’s easy to update doesn’t mean you always keep it up to date though. You may also not be aware of some of the best practices and tips necessary for success.

1. Use a profile photo that is easy to recognize

That little profile square need to be instantly recognizable! Make sure that it is. If your business logo is a rectangle, then don’t just upload a version that gets its left and right sides cut off. It looks terrible but we’ve seen businesses make that mistake. Make sure the image looks good when it’s displayed at a small size. Think about a Coca-Cola logo. No matter how big or small it is, it’s always easy to recognize. Use a good quality image. Not too big and not too small. You don’t want it to look pixelated and low quality when it displays.

2. Use an engaging cover photo

The cover photo is the largest and most prominent image on the page. It also represents your brand online. So once again you need to make sure this is a great image. If you don’t want it the image to get cut off, it needs to be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.

3. Have a complete and well-written business description

It’s hard to believe how many times businesses leave their description blank. Another mistake is that companies leave a “non-descriptive” description, for example: “The best customer service in the area.” You never know when someone is viewing your business for the first time ever online. These people don’t know who you are, what you do, or where your service area is. Make sure they know! Don’t assume they know anything about you. If you are “The top lawncare services provider in Aurora and the Fox Valley area” then say that.

4. Post consistently

So what does a first time visitor to you Facebook page think when they see that you haven’t posted an update in 14 months? Whatever it is, it’s probably not what you want. You sure don’t want them questioning if you’re still in business. The more you post, the more your customers can engage with you. The more chances they can see your message. This is a chance to build a relationship over time. If you’re not updating your page, it increase the chances a potential customer will unfollow you.

5. Don’t be constantly in sell mode

We’re all in the business to make money. If you have a business page, it’s obvious to people that you sell things. You don’t need to constantly be selling. Be helpful. Share stories. Share memes. Share videos. Answer common questions. Share information and expertise. Build up a positive engagement with your customers. Stay fresh in their minds without constantly yelling “buy this!” Most people are on Facebook to connect with friends and family, so be like extended family to them.

6. Post photos, videos and other forms of content besides text updates.

Text updates are great and should be a part of your Facebook page mix. But it definitely should not be the only thing. Find the balance between words and pictures. Posts with photos and videos will receive the mosts engagement. People are visual, Facebook is visual, so a stunning photo will always attract people. Add a short description to your photos but keep it brief. People on Facebook are not there to read a novel. One or two sentences is usually enough.  

7. Test the timing and frequency of your posts

When is the best time to post? That can depend on your business and audience. A good way to find out is to test it yourself. Try posting in the morning, during the lunch hour, the afternoon and the early evening. Don’t keep reposting the same thing, but try testing whether images or videos do better at certain times of the day. If you do new product posts, try those at different times of day. When you do this enough, you’ll start to see when the best time to get people’s attention is. Then you’ll know what times of the day are the best for focusing your efforts on.

We hope these tips are helpful for your business. If you have any questions just give us a call at (630) 849-9995. If you’d like a professional to help you grow your business on Facebook, we’re here to help.

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Why Online Reviews Are Important & How to Get Them

Online reviews are really important for just about every business, whether product or service oriented. Not only do they have a physiological effect, but they also directly influence search engine ranking – they help you rank and they help you convert.


People like knowing what’s best. While getting referrals from friends and family is great, who are we kidding? This is the information age, calling up your friends and family to ask them about every purchase simply takes too much time. Online, you can cross-reference everything with 100’s of people, as fast as you can read. And it’s not all about star rating. A shallow or overly opinionated review doesn’t necessarily sway someone to stay clear. A professional response to a negative review can have more impact than just another 5 star. People understand that less than favorable situations can happen, how you handle it can show responsibility, care, and pride. Just make sure that, for the most part, your reviews are positive.

Search Engines:

Search engine rankings are affected by reviews. It’s a pretty simple concept: if restaurant A has 20 1-star reviews, and restaurant B has 1,000 5-star reviews, which would seem more logical to rank for best restaurant? While that is a grossly simplified version on how search engines rank websites, the concept still applies as one of many search engine ranking mechanisms.

How to Get Online Reviews?

With all that being said, reviews are necessary. But how do we get them? Some services (particularly restaurants) are magnets to reviews – people just love talking about food. But for other services, they do not come in organically as fast as we would like, or never.

While assuming that you are actually good at what you do, there are a few (relatively painless) techniques that will bring you more positive reviews online:

  1. Build review-based profiles
  2. Without the profiles to review, you have no chance to get the reviews. Some must-have, review-based profiles are: Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Angie’s List, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle, and niche specific directories (i.e. Zagat).

  3. Asking them (no, really).
  4. Following up with your customer after the job is done is good for business, not pesky. You can subtly ask for reviews within a ‘Thank You for Your Patronage’ email, following the job. Make your customers feel appreciated and they are more likely to return the favor. If you are typically unsure about your customer satisfaction, there are web applications (i.e. GetFiveStars) that work to only promote the positive experiences.

  5. Adding buttons to your website
  6. You need to make reviewing as easy as possible. Providing quick links to your main, review-based directories is a great way to help encourage reviews. This can be achieved by adding a few ‘Review Us’ buttons on your website. I like to provide links to the directories that have the most impact and are the hardest to get (i.e. Google My Business, and Yelp). This will vary depending on your business.

  7. Implementing reputation management
  8. As I mentioned earlier, some negative reviews are not detrimental to your business. But, it’s what you do with these reviews that make all the difference. This is where reputation management comes into play. For some businesses, reputation management doesn’t have to be a fancy process, but just one that monitors your reviews online. It can be as simple as adding a few Google Alerts (to monitor mentions of your company name) and checking your review-based profiles. Creating an excel sheet with the links to all your review-based profiles makes this a 5 minute process a couple times a week. When a negative review comes in, it’s best to respond promptly and only focus on the problem and the solution – leave emotion completely out of it.

  9. Improve with negative reviews/feedback
  10. I feel that this is overlooked way too much. Negative reviews are helpful to your business. When you are operating a business, you must take your ego out of it. You are providing a service for a customer, and the happier they are, the more successful you will be. If something negative is said that is within your control to change, take note of the feedback and consider a solution for the problem. Now, I’m not saying constantly adjust your process per unhappy customer. But, if you are noticing a lot of people complaining that your secretary is very rude and unprofessional on the phone, a simple conversation can fix that issue from reoccurring. Take a few notes from the lean startup business model, no company or process is ever developed perfect, feedback = success.

Reviews = Business Improvement + Search Engine Ranking = More Business

When it really comes down to it, online reviews are so much more than just a 1-dimensional means to get more customers online – they are an excellent resource for positive business development as well. Implementing these simple processes will help you improve your business, which will get you better reviews, leading to more business.